"What is wrong with me? Am I crazy? I have been to multiple healthcare providers...Why can’t anyone help me feel better? These are all valid questions that I hear every day. It is my goal to help you realize that you are not crazy. And not only that, you can feel better.

There are so many books and web sites out there giving facts and definitions about hormones and menopause that it can get very confusing and hard to understand what is your best therapy choice. Even though these books are informative, they can leave you with questions on what is right for you.

Women are complex and each one of us is very different. When you see me I am going to break down all the information and tell you about what is best for you based on your lab results. Once you begin to feel better I am hoping you realize that you are “not crazy” and “you can feel better”!

I have been a Nurse Practitioner for over 15 years and tracking how I manage patients based on new research and what I have learned from my patients and medical data. I find it so rewarding to help women find themselves after they’ve been lost to the hormone monster. I hope I can help you too!

My passion is "taking a women who is barely surviving and help her to live again"! It is so rewarding!

- Tammi Herkey, APRN

Treating hormone and thyroid deficiencies

Different Hormone Options:

Estrogen - Creams, troches, sub-lingual oil, pills, patches, injections and pellets
Progesterone - Creams, troches, sub-lingual oil, capsules, and pills
Combination Estrogen and Progesterone - Pills and patches
Testosterone - Creams, troches, sub-lingual oil, injection and pellets
Combination Estrogen and Testosterone - Pills

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